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Know all the facts. We are Property Managers who do everything for you…

Move Property Management

At Move Property we are proud to say we’re one of the most successful Property Management agencies throughout the inner city.

Property Management is about people, those who entrust us to manage their properties and those who live in them. We pride our selves on our independent approach and high level of personal and caring service. Our ratio of staff to property is well above the industry standard giving you more confidence that we are dedicated to looking after your investment.

We aim at all times to exceed the expectations of our landlords and build long term productive relationships.

From the moment you get in touch with us our goal is to deliver expert and reliable advice on the current market and how we are going to achieve the highest possible rental returns for your property.

We know the key facts of successful property management and adhere to these key fundamentals, ensuring the smooth management of your property.

Tick Symbol Careful tenant selection and verification

Tick Symbol Expert lease negotiation

Tick Symbol Timely proactive communication

Tick Symbol Progressive marketing strategies

Tick Symbol Effective management of arrears

Tick Symbol Rent payments made on the Rental Rewards program

Tick Symbol Cash flow management

Tick Symbol Inspection & maintenance

Tick Symbol Comprehensive financial reporting

Tick Symbol Moves own team of trades people for accountable maintenance

Don’t be highjacked by slick advertising offering below industry standard fees. At Move Property we’re upfront and include ALL costs in our management fees.

Move Property Management inclusions compared with other agents

Lease renewal fee

Maintenance/repair fee

Periodic inspection fee

End of financial statements

Professional Photography fees

Inventory checklist

Web listings

Property Managers who do everything for you…

Owner disbursement twice a month

Not only are ALL costs included in our management fee, your valuable investment property is also safeguarded every step of the way by professional Property Management personnel. Every step has been refined over years of success in property management starting with Tenant selection, inspection timetables, dispute management and resolution, programmed maintenance, reports to investors and finally appropriate disbursement of Tenants bonds.

Your Own Investment Property Manager

Move Property Management

Most people think that once you own an investment property everything will be smooth sailing. But ask anyone that currently owned or has owned an investment property and you will find the reality is often different. So what distinguishes an investment property that brings real peace of mind from one that’s a real headache? The answer is your property manager. With a professional Move Property Manager looking after your property, your investment is being carried for by an expert… we guarantee it.

Careful Tenant Selection & Verification

Tenant Selection

Our job is to find the best possible Tenant for your property in the quickest possible time. We are particularly discerning when it comes to establishing the quality of Tenants. Our detailed screening process aims to establish that Tenants can meet the responsibilities of the Tenancy Agreement. We keep you informed of applications so that you can take part in the selection process if you wish.

Detailed Entry & Exit Reports

Detailed Entry and Exit Reports

Before a Tenant moves in and on exiting, your Property Manager completes an inspection of the premises and prepares a detailed report. Photos of the property are available options at both the start and end of the tenancy.

Programmed Inspections

Move Property Management

We take care of your properties’ maintenance and repairs by bring your attention to any immediate maintenance needs and to inform you of any preventative maintenance or refurbishment that may be beneficial. Owners can then forecast and budget according for any upgrading work suggested in the reports.

Minimising Vacancies

No Vacancy

As an owner you don’t want to see your property vacant. With Move Property this risk is minimised with our ‘Vacancy Action Plan’. We make every effort to have your property rented as quickly as possible.

Our prime shop front location together with our extensive press and internet advertising and association with local and national relocation companies brings an endless stream of enquiries and tenants to our door.

On time Payments Made Easy

On Time Payments

We embrace the latest technology by using automated email and SMS alerts, reducing late rent payments to some of the lowest in the industry. Owners’ statements and direct credit of funds are made on time EVERY month… Guaranteed.

Service Guarantee

No Vacancy

We are so sure of our service excellence, our professionalism and the quality of our product we are more than willing to guarantee our service in writing.

If you are not completely satisfied within the first 4 months, we’ll refund the management fees. We make your satisfaction our top priority – that’s our guarantee.

Move Property

Does your property manager call you back? We will, guaranteed!

Not happy with your existing property management company?

Are you getting the return you want on your investment property? Do you get the feeling your property is just another one on the data base. To attract the right tenant who will pay top rent for your property you need a Management Company who will worker harder and smarter for you.


In this tight market you need to be innovative, you need a new approach with fresh ideas. You need an agency that will work harder and smarter to attract a good tenant. Move Property has the systems in place to ensure that transferring the management of your investment property to us is simple and smooth. It’s easy, it’s free and we do all of the work.

Lets get the ball rolling, simply click on the button below and complete the form and we will contact you in a flash or give our Senior Property Manager a call on 3257 0015 to discuss your property.

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When you transfer the management across to Move, all you need to do is notify us of your current agent and we will do the rest. We then notify the tenant and give them an information pack that explains in detail their responsibilities as a tenant with Move Property Management. We do all that we can to make sure the whole process is as seamless as possible.

Don’t waste another minute putting up with another agency. Let us manage your investment property and we will take care of everything.